Our Marketing, Your Sales!

Is an online sales aggregator, like Blueline Parking, right for you and your business? And why should you partner with Blueline to sell your spaces for you?

Blueline Parking is a dynamic, goal driven, lead aggregator. A lead aggregator, to you, is the equivalent of a display ad network; we are the "middleman" that serves to essentially matches up parking providers with buyers. In addition to providing liquidity (i.e., purchasing leads, managing ad campaigns) we also bring technology solutions to the table. This may simplifies the process of capturing and retaining leads for our many parking providers.

Blueline parking makes money via a revenue split with you, the parking provider; capturing our portion of the revenue at the time of sale, without marking up the price to your customer. From there, you collect the remaining balance, as indicated on the customer's receipt, which includes any fees and taxes required by your city, state, or municipality or locales. By allowing your business to leverage the advertising buying power of Blueline Parking, you can save up to 15% of your typical online advertising costs, and increase sales by upwards of 50%.

There are many parking reservation aggregator services.

Blueline Parking delivers on it's promise to target key markets with highly precise, action driven, ads that highlight the parking providers most relevant to those markets. Our sales and partner support teams are available 24 hours a day to you.